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  • Shining Star

    Co miesiąc
    Detailed lunar and planetary forecasts. AstroCoaching and AstroMentoring.
     7 dni bezpłatnego okresu próbnego
    • Detailed lunar and planetary transits astroforecasts.
    • Psychological methods of work for the transit.
    • Spiritual advice (meditation, chakras, ayurveda, etc.).
    • Alarming Transits 30 Days In Advance.
  • Galactic Explorer

    Co miesiąc
    Cosmically detailed predictions. Individual Astrology Study. Alarming transits for 30 days.
    • Everything from the Shining Star subscription +
    • Once a month Astrology Lesson (60 minutes).
  • Universal Sage

    Co miesiąc
    Detailed forecasts. Once a month, an individual session. Alarming transits.
    • Everything from the Shing Star package +
    • Once a month, any individual session.
  • MultiDimensional Mentoring

    Package of 7 sessions of 75 minutes each.
    Ważny przez 7 miesiące/y
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