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Astrological forecast for 01-07.02!

Zaktualizowano: 3 mar 2022

[01.02]: New Moon in Aquarius: Beginning of the new Moon Cycle. Uranus-Saturn Square Activation!

This is the perfect time to implement New Year's resolutions. It is an energy that calls us to show our independence, authenticity, to enter our highest potential. It's the energy that asks the questions: “Is there anything strange about you, something that makes you embarrassed? How can you reveal and love this part of yourself? ” The moon in Aquarius calls us to be brave, to serve for the greater good, to show ourselves authentically and sincerely. This is a good time to look to the future, for innovative ideas and changes, for unique inspirations.

ATTENTION! It is also the moment when the Square between Saturn and Uranus is activated, which marked the theme of the entire year 2021. 02/17/2021, 06/14/2021, 12/24/2021 are the dates on which such activation took place previously. Saturn and Uranus have been dancing in this square for a year, and this dance will end this year. It is a dance of power vs rebellion, old vs new, rules vs freedom, structures vs chaos. The last, fourth stage of this dance begins. It may resemble situations that we had seen on a global scale on and around the above-mentioned dates (one month forward, backward). It is also the moment when the situations that have been following us for a year can finally be released. Situations that may be related to some limitations, rules, structures that we have imposed on ourselves, now come to the point when it is time to decide what from the old will go with us and what will be changed into something new.

[03.02]: Mercury finishes retrograde and moves forward in Capricorn.

The first of three Mercury retrogrades (this year) is almost behind us. Interestingly, this year, each Mercury retrograde starts in the air sign, from which it moves back to the earth sign, and after retrograde, it returns to the air sign again. This makes each of them have one thing in common - to get ideas, new information, collect intentions (Air) and turn them into something solid, real, fix them in life (Earth). This is great news because we will be able to push ourselves through various changes and we will finally implement them. Since Mercury is close to conjunction with Pluto, we can still feel the energy kind of: "searching for information, going into the depths of your life, maybe even other lives" and looking for details that will help in making important changes now.

[04.02 – 15.02]: Saturn in conjunction with Sun in Aquarius: Reunion after 29 years.

This is one of the most stressful conjunctions there is. No matter how positive we want to be, this conjunction takes place between the two celestial bodies most hostile to each other. It is a conjunction which is a "place of war" for the house they are in (check where is Saturn now and where is Aquarius in your chart, what is the house?). This conjunction can create a great distance from the Father or the Authority. It can enhance the experience of negative, unworked karma with the father or with the government. It can stimulate energies where the Authority or the Father will not treat us well so that we can see our own karmas on this topic.

When these two planets meet, you have to work harder, remember about discipline, patience, and responsibilities. You may need to take extra responsibility for something or act as a mentor or guide for someone by taking your time.

It can be a time of great satisfaction, achievement, promotion OR uncertainty, burden of life, difficulties. It all depends on whether you have worked responsibly and hard over the past year. If life seems unstable at this time, you obviously need to take more responsibility for where it is going. You should stabilize your life path, devote yourself to what is needed and overcome fear. You should focus on what is organized and how it is organized in your daily life - do you have structure and priorities? Are you really implementing them? This conjunction invites you to be efficient and productive in what you do. It is also time to simplify your actions and discard what is not needed but takes time or the health of your physical body.

This is a period when it can be difficult to express yourself, so it is also better to be patient in the relationship. Isolation and coldness are possible, but if you show that you are trustworthy, reliable, stable, and ready to work on the problem, it will all be a lot easier. Be stable and smart.

Use Your time wisely

Universal Matty

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