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May the Earth bless You and heal You!

Zaktualizowano: 19 lut 2022

Allow yourself to read the following words.

Let them be drawn into your life.

Not only read it, but let it happen.

Let them fill your path.

Let them fill your mind.

Let yourself believe them.

Let the word become flesh.

  1. My body is healthy and strong. My body fights any disease very quickly. My body is the perfect center of life, made of billions of cells that work together to maintain balance. My body is in perfect health.

  2. If something is going on in my body, I let it do whatever it takes to bring it back into balance. I trust my body, I believe in its strength. I provide it with everything it needs in the process of healing and regeneration.

  3. My body is my temple. I respect my body and take care of it as best I can. I show my body tenderness and provide it with comfortable conditions.

  4. Thoughts of love, joy and positivity nourish my body. Good emotions nourish my body. I provide my body with thoughts full of joy. I provide my body with positive emotions.

  5. I am a being of light who lives in the physical dimension and in the physical body for the duration of my life. I use this body during my life to be able to explore this reality. I respect the physical body.

  6. I accept my body and I give it a lot of love. I accept this body and appreciate the union that spirit has entered into with matter to bring about the experience of life. I am grateful for this union and I express love to the body because I am a loveful being. I am a being of love.

  7. I strengthen my body through physical training. I regenerate my body through sleep. I nourish my body through healthy meals and care. I provide my body with healthy food, the right dose of oxygen, the right amount of rest, sleep and exercise.

  8. My body keeps youth and every cell loses all negative patterns. My body cells raise their vibration. All cells in my body are full of life, vitality and joy. All the organs in my body are full of health and harmony.

  9. I can take care of my body. I am full of vital energy. I make my body heal all damage, all disharmony. I support my body with healing.

  10. I am this strong that I do not have to be afraid of survival. I have survived a lot and I know that I do not have to fight for my own survival - it is enough for me to live in harmony with the cosmos. I am learning how to live in harmony with the cosmos and I dare to take the steps that are necessary to achieve this harmony.

May the force be with you Universal Matty

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