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Third week of April is like a mix of many different energies. Spring is in the air!

(SUN 17/04 - MON 18/04)

The beginning of the new week looks very positive! This is the time when harmony can come to your home, work and love. Thanks to mental stimulation and excitement, you are able to explore new ways of thinking and problem solving. The power of your intelligence increases and your work becomes easier. Explore original ideas and open your mind to surges of inspiration, intuition, and insight. As your thinking is super fast right now, be careful not to jump to conclusions prematurely; so as not to make assumptions. Take care of your nervous system and take the time to slow down and calm your mind so it can rest a bit.

The need for fun and excitement comes to the fore! So let go of any conflicts and reunite with your loved ones. Use words that soothe, unite, and bring agreement. Open yourself to people, romance and love. Open yourself to the unexpected money. This is the time to be entertained, creative and stylish. You can now attract a unique type of people, as long as you are prepared to take the risk and willing to take it. The boundaries have been loosened and you are now braver. It's time for adventure and living in the moment. This is a time of freedom, entertainment and fun.

It is also a good time to change the interior of the apartment or carry out renovation. Look around you and see how much beauty is around you. If you need to make a change in your surroundings, this is a great opportunity. Take care of a beautiful decor. In addition, start a new, creative habit. Learning a type of dance that you did not know before? Learning another type of drawing? The beginning of the week encourages creative breakthroughs and wardrobe changes.

Gain knowledge, broaden your awareness and open yourself to new perspectives. Don't make big decisions now and don't introduce new routines. It's also normal if your devices are malfunctioning or behaving strange. Apart from that, the energy present at the beginning of the week has elements of surprise, uniqueness and intuitiveness. Let us hope that whatever comes to us will give us a lot of joy.

This is a good time to:

  • Meet friends or go on a date!

  • Meet new people and raise awareness together.

  • Take care of the aesthetics of the house and choose stylish clothes.

  • End any conflict with humans or animals.

  • Explore original ideas and open your mind.

  • Experiment with art, open up to new ones.

(TUE 19/04 – FRI 22/04)

With the advent of Tuesday, energy will take the lead, increasing the need for control. You have to be careful with it as it has the potential to self-destruct, conflict and confront. It's a challenge that requires you to defend your position or make a great transformation. An experience may arise that will reveal past effects related to some trauma. It may be related to another life, however transformation is required in the here and now. Afraid to give up control? Are you fighting addiction? Past trauma returning? If old bad habits suddenly appear in your life, notice them and pause for a moment. This is a test of your dedication and commitment. Allow yourself to go through this experience by purging yourself and allowing yourself any discomfort. Get an insight into what exactly it is and allow yourself to evolve. Let go, relax, and let go of the feeling of being threatened. You are free now if you let yourself. This experience will make you gain more personal power. Use it wisely on yourself. This energy seeks an outlet, and if it does not find it within you, it is highly likely that you will try to control others.

(FRI 22/04 – SUN 24/04)

At the end of the week, the energy will change again. It will be time for structure, traditions and diligence in contact with creativity. It is responsibility and discipline meeting imagination and spontaneity. Imagination now comes in impulses, in leaps and bounds, like waves on the seashore. This is a good time for photographers, media, filmography, artists, fashion, spirituality. Take a ride to a river or lake and talk to yourself about your feelings. You need more patience and stability now, so take your time. Concentrate on work, preferably in solitude. Pay attention to detail and make sure everything is well made or created. This is not the best time to communicate with loved ones, it's better to spend it alone. Even if you are creating a beautiful piece of art now, it is best to be in your own space at the same time.

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