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This is the month of global awakenings!


A breath of a fresh energy is coming with the beginning of April. The collective energies are changing a lot right now. It is really important to know, that one of the strongest spiritual energies will be present for a whole month. There hasn't been such a strong energy for many years! This means that those who use this energy wisely will achieve a significant and permanent increase in vibration. Manifestation abilities, intuition and awareness will be increased. It's a time for powerful awakenings, out-of-this-world insights, vivid dreams, strong sensations, and expansion of consciousness. In addition to this powerful spiritual energy, there will be a few more minor themes in which our consciousness will participate.

(FRI 01/04 - SUN 03/04)

This is a great time for deep conversations, sharing ideas and speaking to people in public. The number of ideas, perspectives and thoughts will be huge! Consequently, the mind can be busy, louder than usual, and engrossed in a large amount of information. That's why it's a good time to improve your attention, focus, and listening skills. We are not the only ones who want to share something with others, we are not the only ones who want to be heard.

This is a good time to:

1) Compare different perspectives and come to rational conclusions.

2) Spend some time studying, writing, or talking with others.

3) Share your ideas and dreams.

4) Increase your attention and focus. Meditate more than usual.

5) Write down your ideas and enter contemplation.

(SUN 03/04 – THU 07/04)

As the weekend ends, energy will begin to shift significantly. The themes for conversations and mental exploration will give way to more serious and explosive ones. It will be time to finish what was postponed; to complete all difficult tasks with commitment and patience. The energy that will be present for about a week, starting Saturday 02/04, will have a lot of "fire" and passion. This is the time when you need to be more careful about what you do or say. This is the time when a lot of enthusiasm and fiery impulses occur. Redirect this energy into hard work, trekking, jogging, body training, tidying up, or anything that requires endurance or physical activity at least. This is a good time for cold showers and lots of fresh air. You can use this energy to create something for the future, something useful and necessary. This is the time when a lot of enthusiasm and fiery impulses occur. Take responsible actions and avoid destructive ones. This is the time when wrong decisions can be paid off with the creation of strong karma or limitations for the future.

This is a good time to:

1) Take the initiative instead of wandering around with your head in the clouds.

2) Take responsibility for your decisions and actions and the consequences that come with them.

3) Complete any urgent tasks.

4) Make rational decisions and keep an eye on your impulses.

5) Exercise a strong will and do not give in to temptation or laziness.

6. Exercise patience by meditating. Contemplate on patience.

(THU 07/04 – SAT 09/04)

The end of the first week of April will bring a breeze of soothing energies. These will be three days during which our organizational skills and objectivity will increase. We will be able to catch up on any backlogs in study and work, our concentration will finally improve. This is the time for long-term investments and long-term plans. It's a time to start important projects and take the initiative. It will be possible to do a lot and not even feel like doing it. The mind will continue to rush at dizzying speeds, so again, I recommend meditation during this period.

This is the right time to:

1) Be open and communicate on a level of honesty both in your career and in your private life.

2) Talk seriously about what is important and what is helpful.

3) Share the necessary knowledge or wisdom.

4) Find a mentor, teacher, or other source of wisdom.

5) Do what you need.

Be prepared for a powerful, spiritual,

full of breakthrough month!

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