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11/04 - 17/04: The time has come to dive deep into the ocean of the Soul!

The second week of April will bring a significant change in energy. It will be a tremendous emotional release combined with uncovering personal and global illusions. At the same time it will be a very deep, consciousness-shifting spiritual experience. Time for powerful experiences from the bottom of the soul's ocean.

(09/04 SAT – 11/04 MON)

This is a great time to think deeply and interact intensely with other people. Diving into the depths of the unconscious, searching for truth and investigating, will accompany us through the whole weekend and a bit after it. The energy at this time can be persuasive, engaging, and intense. There is something of suspicion, tension and reading something into something in this energy. Remember, however, not everything that seems to be truth must really be truth. This is a time when thoughts can be more chaotic, so meditation may take a little longer. We should practice calm, patience and peace instead of frustration and blame. The energy can be described as 'explosive', strong, at times looking for an outlet by controlling itself, and when it is not possible also by controlling others. This energy is very strong in nature and cannot be controlled by humans. All that remains is to let it pass and use it as an opportunity to let go the need for control. Fighting this energy can only cause conflicts, problems, and difficulties. Instead, I suggest being patient as it will begin to fade away as the new week starts.

This is a good time to:

  1. Search for the truth and deepen your knowledge.

  2. Give up the need for control and rest mentally.

  3. Patiently and calmly communicate your truth, recognizing the freedom of thought of another human being.

  4. Perceive and recognize the shadows of being a human.

  5. Understand the mechanisms that govern your own psyche.

  6. Open yourself to improving how you communicate with the world.

  7. Open your mind and let in information that will transform it.

You will be tested in the following areas:

  1. Confidence in life.

  2. Trusting another person.

  3. Need for control.

  4. Impulsiveness and reactivity.

  5. Open mind.

  6. Accepting disagreements.

(MON 11/04 - SUN 17/04)

This is the week of a very intense energy. For two weeks this energy has been building up and it will be present with us throughout the whole April, gradually weakening after 17/04. It is a very rare type of energy that calls you to broaden your vision of life, to look with love at the sea of ​​possibilities. It brings ingenuity, creativity, new perspectives, vivid dreams, and long-term life plans, perhaps related to going somewhere far away.

‘Is life a dream?’ you may ask. The whole April is about giving birth to new visions for life. You have more dreams when you sleep, and you can catch yourself dreaming throughout the day. Manifestation abilities are increased. It is time for magic, miracles and extraordinary coincidences that have nothing to do with logic. There may be a feeling of inner longing for something distant, for something that is not here in now. Perhaps you can't name it - maybe it's some period in your life that you miss; maybe it's the place you want to go; maybe it’s the afterlife in which friends who have not been incarnated on Earth are waiting! This energy stimulates imagination and increases the range of available possibilities. It shows new life paths that require a sense of purpose, vision, and intentions. As a result of this profound and intense perspective, expectations may be excessively heightened. It can lead to a miracle, a revelation, magic, or the opposite - to an illusion, denial, misinterpretation.

These energies are more like a dream, a spiritual session, a letter from the other side. At its best, we will experience a surge of divine love, virtues, and warmth of the heart.

This is also the time to open your mind and let in cosmic, deeply spiritual insights. It is possible now to connect with other realities and make a powerful shifts in your consciousness. Changes in perception may also occur. Despite the beautiful possibilities this energy brings, it may lack logic and common sense. It is time for insights, experiences, and getting closer to the spiritual aspects of yourself. This is also the time when great ideas for movies, programs and everything related to the media is being born. However, this is not the time to act or make important decisions.

This is a good time to:

  1. Loosen your restrictions you impose on yourself and others.

  2. Connect your consciousness with the collective consciousness, with the entire life system, with the entire planet. Connect with the oneness.

  3. Let go of your ego and follow the spirit.

  4. Create an art in contact with the creative force.

  5. Change your perception of the world diametrically.

  6. Connect with your psychic abilities.

  7. Work with intentions, visualizations and dreams. Examine your vivid dreams and understand what they are trying to show you about yourself.

  8. Dream big and see bigger perspectives.

  9. Discover what has been distorting your perception.

  10. Reveal the truth hidden from you.

Difficulties that may arise are:

  1. Floods of water, huge amounts of water.

  2. Floods of tears - powerful emotional release.

  3. People are forced to help others because of the circumstances.

  4. Paranoia, psychosis, manipulations.

  5. The ability to distinguish truth from illusion may be impaired.

  6. Revealing the scandalous truth on a global scale.

  7. Purification of old structures in civilization.

In addition to the mentioned energies, from Monday 11/04 to Wednesday 13/04, there will be an energy, which will make its appearance by adding more patience, endurance, and work ethic. It will show us the way to achieve our goals or responsibilities. It will bring determination and will help to finish our tasks. This is a good time to teach or be taught. This is the time supporting organizing, budget planning, and working on projects.

(FRI 15/04 - SUN 17/04)

The need for balance will take the lead. It will be a specific kind of balance - one that is supposed to be nice and simple, without complications. This is the moment when we see two extremes: focusing on yourself and your impulses in comparison with achieving harmony in relationships with other people. How can this be reconciled? Don't try to be what you are not. Instead, dare to be yourself and express all your feelings, no matter if, they're positive. Do not make new decisions, instead solve current problems.

This is a good time to:

  1. Deepen your relationship with another person through expression of your emotional needs.

  2. Understand the needs of other people, including your family.

  3. Be open to new business or private relationships.

  4. Start a new romance.

Enjoy this week and I wish You the best possible experiences!

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