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AstroForecast for 1 st week of March: Be careful with Your choices!

02.03-04.03 Mercury in Aquarius conjunct Saturn in Aquarius I am a hard-working person. My mind is focused on responsibility.

1) Challenges:

- Dwelling on negatives, pessimistic thoughts that can potentially

lead to mental darkness or problems with communication.

- Being harsh with Your words leading to problems in a relationship.

- Conversations about hardships, abusing of power, dominance, old pains, griefs.

You better chose to forgive and organize what and how You speak about it.

- Too much focus on details. Being mean and judgmental.

- Narrow-thinking. Closing your mind for other possibilities.

Seeing a narrow path. Being unable to see more options.

- Isolating from the world.

- Lacking spontaneity. 2) Opportunities:

- Focusing on productive outlook for intellect.

- Exercising patience and concentration on work.

- Dealing with anything related to responsibilities, business, work, duties.

- Setting long-term goals and plans.

- Applying positive thinking for hard working.

- Mentoring younger people: siblings, students, etc.

- Being practical and organizing Your life.

- Organizing Your thoughts and words. Learning to speak carefully.

- Seeing more details and being more cautious.

- Being disciplined with Your thoughts and the information Your surround Yourself with.

What is my advice? Use energy of critical thinking to serious or challenging mental work. Be consistent and hard working. Be responsible. Do not think too much, use this energy in a constructive way. Do not focus on relationships too much. Instead, focus on Your work. Keep Yourself busy with responsibilities, duties instead of falling into melancholy. It’s a good time to pay respect for Your ancestors instead of fighting with father or the government. Show Your respect for traditions. It’s a great time to discipline Your mind through long meditation. Maybe it’s a good time to retreat for a day or two and meditate for a few hours. It’s a good time for a business travel.

02.03-04.03 Mars in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

I am strength. I am vitality. I am power.

1) Challenges:

- Tendency to being selfish and behaving ruthlessly.

- Being violent, impulsive.

- Being too dominant or aggressive.

- Being compulsive, acting too quickly.

- Getting obsessed with certain activity and decisions.

- Overestimation of Your strength and endurance.

- Focusing too much on instincts – especially sex drive.

- Lust for power. Fighting for dominance.

2) Opportunities:

- Huge increase in ambition and vitality.

- Working on something You are passionate about.

- Burst of creativity that can be used to make major transformations.

- Stronger will that helps to achieve more power and control in life.

- Total devotion for chosen activity.

- Becoming a leader.

- Starting Your own business.

- Using adrenaline and testosterone to improve Your physical body.

- Increased sexual drive (especially for men).

What is my advice? You should not ignore the power of this conjunction as it can results in outbursts of temper or chaotic actions. Use this intensity to work on Your goals, creative projects. Use this increased vitality to work on Your physical aspects, strengthen Yourself, increase the endurance. Avoid tendency to fight, bully or overusing power. Use this intense energy to increase Your vibration by mastering self-control and being the boss of Your impulses. Transform Your primal needs into something that gives You even more physical pleasure and satisfaction. It’s a good time for massage or practicing Tantric sex. Use Your intense energy wisely.

02.03-04.03 Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

I am emotional. I am attractive. I am sensually powerful.

1) Challenges:

- Very strong, even toxic, emotions and being unable to control them.

- Being possessive and jealous. Being suspicious about Your partner.

- It feels like somebody is trying to manipulate even if it’s not the case.

- The women around You are trying to control You subconsciously.

- Falling for dangerous types of people like criminals, drug abusers, etc.

- Obsession about certain person.

- Feeling like it’s a critical situation.

- Projecting guilt or victimhood.

2) Opportunities:

- Intense emotional energies. Passionate energies.

- Strong attraction to someone and increased sexual desire.

- Feeling empowered by partner or by Yourself.

- Taking important financial decisions.

- Communicating with strong feminine energies.

- Negotiating with a powerful woman.

- Becoming magnetic.

What is my advice? This conjunction gives You power to attract friends and lovers. Use this power responsibly. Be honest, do not manipulate. With great power of attraction comes great responsibility. Be aware of Your attractiveness and chemistry between You and others. If you are in a happy relationship, this transit can lead to intense sexual experiences if the other half is keen. Do not manipulate people. This conjunction brings tendency for projecting guilt or going into the “victim mode” in order to achieve some change. Instead of playing this game, be honest with Your partner and clear about Your intentions and motives. Use this conjunction with conjunction of Pluto and Mars to fall in love with somebody. It is a great time for a deep spiritual union of two people or stepping on another level with Your relationship. Be honest and full of trust. Stalking and spying is not acceptable. Obsession is neither. Do not cheat or go into affairs as consequences made during this transit will be very hard in the future. If You are single, this period of time is a great one to attract karmic relationships that can teach You a lot about Yourself and heal Your soul.

04.03-06.03: Jupiter in Pisces conjunct Sun in Pisces

Time for health, wealth, fun and growth. Open Your mind

1) Challenges:

- Really strong urge to do all you can and experience everything.

- Restlessness, always chasing something more.

- Having no specific direction or intentions.

- Being unresponsible, doing something in sake of doing it.

- Going into extremes of extravagance and waste.

- Being overoptimistic with anything from money to relationships.

- Being self-centered. Choosing only for Your own good.

- Overcoming greed.

2) Opportunities:

- Feeling of wellbeing, happiness, optimism, and good luck.

- Boosting for Your vitality and health.

- Being enthusiastic and generous.

- Creating positivity in Your life. More positive thoughts and attitudes.

- Personal, professional, interpersonal, or spiritual growth.

- Expansion of Yourself, becoming more.

- New studies or long-distance travel. Broaden Your horizons.

- New relationships, investments, or projects.

- Doing something spontaneous, out of routine.

- Making sure Your lifestyle does not trap You or restrict You too much.

- Becoming closer to Your Higher Potential.

What is my advice? Use this astronomical power to follow Your path with courage, to expand Your horizons and seek Your answers. Stay positive, but at the same time remember about setting intentions. Always know the direction you are trying to go. Be more efficient with Your personal talents and resources by achieving greater level of self-discipline. Look for some progress in Your life – educate Yourself or watch something expanding Your horizons. It is a good time to dance and sing, to do something fun, to open Your mind for something You have never done before and that should excite You. Remember to stay positive and imagine Your future with a large amount of enthusiasm.

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