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Astrological forecast for 08-14.02!

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

[08.02]: Mars in trine with Uranus

This is a wonderful time to transform something in your life. A good time to make something normal change into something extraordinary, new. It is time to use your will to make a change. This is where you are fed up with taking the beaten path - you want something new. You act in such a way as to bring innovation into your life. This is the moment when change is driven by action! You have the potential to take a chance. You have the potential to dare. Do it! Introduce something new and better to your life!

[11.02]: Merkury in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn

This transit adds depth and intensity to your thinking and communication. This is a good time to find the root cause of the problem. This is a good time to look for this problem, to learn more about the problem, to ask many questions. This is a good time to use astrology or some type of spiritual insight, perhaps psychology or psychoanalysis. This is a good time for deep, honest conversations, therapy sessions, and an understanding of the dynamics of the relationships you find yourself in. This is a good time to share spiritual truths with someone. This is a good time to look into the dark side of life, to heal the trauma, to enter confrontation instead of running away. Instead of trying to avoid conclusions over and over again through regret, addiction, or illegal activities, stop and let the conclusions go through. This is a period when mentally a lot can happen - give yourself space. The topics are serious, the feeds are intense. Some may feel threatened internally. This is a time when relaxation is very important. Be simple and express the depth of sincerity at the same time. This conjunction makes it possible to discover something that has been hidden for a long time; something about yourself, from the bottom of your soul. It can have ancestral connections, it can have deep karmic connections.

[14.02]: Mercury enters the sign of Aquarius

This is the time when our thoughts are more innovative, focused on the future, changes, evolution. It's a time to think, dream about what could be, "what if." It's time for crazy ideas. This is the moment when feelings don't block the truth, it's the moment when information is more important, when revealing or changing it is beyond emotions. This is the moment when you can look at the emotional from the observer's point of view, objectively and rationally. It's the "AHA" moment. It's seeing the world as it is. The only thing to watch out for in Mercury's time in this sign is hurting or neglecting other people's feelings. The intellectual nature of Mercury in Aquarius can overpower and rationalize emotions by making it difficult to feel. We may lose touch with our vulnerable parties, so we must do everything in our power to be careful about any discussions we have at this time.

[04.02 – 15.02]: Saturn in conjunction with Sun in Aquarius: Reunion after 29 years.

This is one of the most stressful conjunctions there is. No matter how positive we want to be, this conjunction takes place between the two celestial bodies most hostile to each other. It is a conjunction which is a "place of war" for the house they are in (check where is Saturn now and where is Aquarius in your chart, what is the house?). This conjunction can create a great distance from the Father or the Authority. It can enhance the experience of negative, unworked karma with the father or with the government. It can stimulate energies where the Authority or the Father will not treat us well so that we can see our own karmas on this topic.

When these two planets meet, you have to work harder, remember about discipline, patience, and responsibilities. You may need to take extra responsibility for something or act as a mentor or guide for someone by taking your time.

It can be a time of great satisfaction, achievement, promotion OR uncertainty, burden of life, difficulties. It all depends on whether you have worked responsibly and hard over the past year. If life seems unstable at this time, you obviously need to take more responsibility for where it is going. You should stabilize your life path, devote yourself to what is needed and overcome fear. You should focus on what is organized and how it is organized in your daily life - do you have structure and priorities? Are you really implementing them? This conjunction invites you to be efficient and productive in what you do. It is also time to simplify your actions and discard what is not needed but takes time or the health of your physical body.

This is a period when it can be difficult to express yourself, so it is also better to be patient in the relationship. Isolation and coldness are possible, but if you show that you are trustworthy, reliable, stable, and ready to work on the problem, it will all be a lot easier. Be stable and smart.

Heal, Purify and Introduce the New

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