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August is the month of free sessions!

Is it even possible? Yes it is, so You'd better enjoy this possibility! I am ready to work with You for free in the month of August. Are You ready to book a session? Do not hesitate!

How does it work?

  1. Book a session by choosing specific service [HERE].

  2. By default, you choose one of the services, make a reservation and wait for an email with payment instructions, BUT IN AUGUST 2022 you will receive an email confirming that your session is free!

  3. Don't worry. You will not be asked for any bank or card details. It is really free!

  4. All you need is time and Skype.

  5. Please do not hesitate and choose the best time slot in my booking calendar.

If you want to repay me somehow, the best way is to write a 5-star review of the service you have chosen. Such opinions will allow me to expand my business and reach more people who need help. I am here for you and count on your suggestions and support!

Thank You very much and enjoy Your free session!

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