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Energetic forecast [21.02-27.02.2022] Late Valentine's Days are coming now!

This week is like a breath of Valentine's energy that was a bit lacking last week. The human calendar is one thing, but what happens in the Cosmos is another. If we really want to take advantage of each day of our lives, it would be wise to know what is happening on the Sky and what energies are being supported at the moment. The human calendar was not created in harmony with the Cosmos, but in harmony with traditions. Nothing in the universe, however, is constant and everything is in motion! Therefore, Valentine's Day will bring different energies every year, unless you celebrate it on a day that cosmically supports Valentine's energies, as opposed to a day that mankind has imposed. I invite you to Valentine's week, which from the astrological point of view is still ahead of us!

[22.02 – 24.02]: Mars sextile Neptune

It is sextile in which your sensual desires increase. This is the perfect time for a romance that will be much deeper in nature than physical attraction. It's an energetically deep romance! This is the time when you can attract people more in line with your level of spiritual development - perhaps you will meet your soul mate. Don't wait and go to the places you feel intuitively.

It is also a good time to use this strong spiritual energy to defend the weaker ones or fight for a good cause. You will feel obligated to put your spiritual values and beliefs into practice. You will feel the martial willpower combined with the spiritual energies of Neptune. Your principles and ideals are now in the right place and time for you to go out and show them to the world. It is the time to help the community, to support someone in understanding spiritual issues, maybe to show someone astrology.

This is a time when you are more empathetic and sensitive to other people's desires and impulses. It is a sextile in which it is easier to do something for others, to devote a piece of yourself and your time. This is the moment when it is worth giving something sensual from yourself, it is worth sharing something good. It is a time worth spending with friends or communities. This is a good sextile to follow your creative passions in music, dance and theater. Perhaps it would be right to do something in gratitude for life, thank God through art - paint something or dance to appreciate life.

[23.02 – 25.02]: Wenus sextile Neptune

This sextile awakens the sensual and caring side of you. This is the perfect time for dates, romantic gestures and confessions. Sensitivity and sensuality are increased. Eroticism reaches a level beyond the physical - it is the depth of emotional connection, it is intimacy in the full sense of the word. This is the time when you attract your soul mate. This sextile is also the perfect opportunity to meet friends and groups of people who are important to you. This is the time for selflessness, for showing compassion and love towards your own and others' needs.

It's a great sextile for any art form and it's good to spend some time working with inspiration and creative expression. Let us remember that Neptune also rules the image, film and cinematography. This is the perfect time to shoot movies or vlogs. This is a great time to show off in front of the camera, even if you won't share this video with anyone. It is also a good time to buy new clothes, cosmetics, crystals, ornaments and anything that will add beauty or luxury to your life. This is the moment when you choose things with a sense of fashion, beauty and inspiration.

Neptune also determines spiritual energies, so it is also a time of spiritual love for God, which can be expressed through various types of rituals, religious activities and other meetings. It is a time of enhanced intuition, clearer dreams, increased psychic abilities, and stimulated imagination. It can be used for spiritual or artistic purposes, but one thing is for sure - take this opportunity and manifest the reality you want - take a moment to dream, use Your imagination.

[12.02 – 05.03]: Mars in conjunction with Venus

This conjunction is a dance between male and female. Between the yin and yang present in all of us (regardless of our physical gender). It is dance between knowing your needs and reaching for them; between what you want and the action upon those desires; dance between dreams and making them come true.

The conjunction of Venus and Mars can increase your desires for an intimate relationship, it can emphasize what your partnership needs are. For some, this dance can provoke an increase in sexual energy, seeking and reaching for sensual, bodily satisfaction - greater directness in this topic. Mars, toned down by Venus, makes the primal needs of reproduction not so aggressive and orgasm-oriented. Now it is more sensual, lasting, focused on here and now. There is room for giving and receiving, for providing pleasure and getting one for Yourself. It's an exchange of energies.

This is the moment when we are more inclined to direct our actions towards our needs (as long as we are aware of them). I mean our real needs, not whims. This conjunction brings with it passionate energy - it is a combination of needs, desires and actions. Isn't that what passion is? Desire and fulfillment in action?

The conjunction takes place in the sign of Capricorn, which also includes Saturn (its ruler) and Mercury. It can bring mastery, strength, endurance, mastery through communication, actions, awareness, karmic purification and, as a result, liberation in the subject of sensuality, sexuality. It is having and accepting that energy. It is a time of balancing male and female energy. It's time to realize when it's time to act and when it's time to wait. One thing is for sure - this conjunction coincides in time with the full moon in Leo and the conjunction of Saturn with the Sun in the sign of freedom - Aquarius. Will there be karmic liberation by balancing the male and female energies?

Lovely late Valentine's Days Universal Matty

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