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Energetic Forecast: Third week of February will be intensive! Be ready!

[12.02 – 05.03]: Mars in conjunction with Venus in Capricorn

This year's dance of Venus and Mars begins, and they will be chasing each other over the next two months, achieving conjunctions many times. This is an unusual conjunction of these planets because it lasts several times longer than usual!

This conjunction is a dance between male and female. Between the yin and yang present in all of us (regardless of our physical gender). It is dance between knowing your needs and reaching for them; between what you want and the action upon those desires; dance between dreams and making them come true. 

The conjunction of Venus and Mars can increase your desires for an intimate relationship, it can emphasize what your partnership needs are. For some, this dance can provoke an increase in sexual energy, seeking and reaching for sensual, bodily satisfaction - greater directness in this topic. Mars, toned down by Venus, makes the primal needs of reproduction not so aggressive and orgasm-oriented. Now it is more sensual, lasting, focused on here and now. There is room for giving and receiving, for providing pleasure and getting one for Yourself. It's an exchange of energies.

This is the moment when we are more inclined to direct our actions towards our needs (as long as we are aware of them). I mean our real needs, not whims. This conjunction brings with it passionate energy - it is a combination of needs, desires and actions. Isn't that what passion is? Desire and fulfillment in action?

The conjunction takes place in the sign of Capricorn, which also includes Saturn (its ruler) and Mercury. It can bring mastery, strength, endurance, mastery through communication, actions, awareness, karmic purification and, as a result, liberation in the subject of sensuality, sexuality. It is having and accepting that energy. It is a time of balancing male and female energy. It's time to realize when it's time to act and when it's time to wait. One thing is for sure - this conjunction coincides in time with the full moon in Leo and the conjunction of Saturn with the Sun in the sign of freedom - Aquarius. Will there be karmic liberation by balancing the male and female energies?

[15-17.02]: Full moon in Leo

The sun is in the sign of Aquarius and the moon is in the opposite sign of Leo. The full moon, as an opposing phenomenon of the Sun and the Moon, always builds a tension between what is inside and what is outside. Between ego and feelings. The Leo-Aquarius axis is the axis of fixed signs, i.e. those that are reluctant to change themselves, and more often change circumstances and situations. On the other hand, when they finally undertake changes, it is hard to keep them there and they probably keep moving forward. What could all this mean? What is the energy of the coming full moon? IT IS INDIVIDUALISM.

The Archetypal Leo tells a story about falling in love with yourself, about the ego and using it for a good purpose. Aquarius, on the other hand (in opposition), brings the energies of uniqueness, originality, individualism, divine inspiration. It can be said that Leo creates miracles himself, and Aquarius brings God's inspirations to life. Sometimes, however, in order to achieve a goal, one has to leave behind everything that is not compatible with it, what does not serve it, and set off on a lonely path to happiness. It is this individualism.

Leo, in the lower octave version, is the selfish and the narcissist of the zodiac, but when this sign is raised to a higher energy octave, he becomes a Lion with a huge, good and generous heart. During this full moon, it is worth examining your ego and instead of destroying it, criticizing and trying to remove it, love Your ego as the part of yourself that distinguishes You from others. This is the part that makes us unique, one of a kind. What is it in you that requires individualization? How can You become a unique person that loves Oneself? Are you aware that the person you see in the mirror is the one who is always with you and will not leave you until death? It is worth considering the individualization and uniqueness of the ego more deeply. How does society treat people who put themselves first? What would happen to the world if everyone took care of themselves first? If everyone didn't expect something from others? If everyone put themselves first? The Full Moon in Leo invites you to integrate a healthy, unique ego and open yourself to Your Ego.

[16.02 – 18.02]: Jupiter sextile Uranus This is a time when you are likely to find new tools or people who will show you different, possibly new, ways to enjoy Your life. It is not the energy of full readiness for change, but rather of showing you a perspective that encourages you to do so. Perhaps the topics of conversation will be equality, freedom and how to achieve it in one's life. There will be a lot of ideas, a lot of information, many inspiring ways to achieve the desired life change. It can be a period that gives the impression of wanting more stimulation, but remember about Your mind and body. Slow down a bit, relax and integrate those energies. Otherwise, it may feel like "too much and too fast to digest".

This week, the conjunction of Saturn and the Sun can still be felt, which was making a strong impression in the second week of February. As a consolation, after the intense middle part of the month, let me just say that the fourth week of February will bring peace, relaxation and time for integration. It will be like a nice breeze after a hot day, but before that... Use the third week for intense spiritual work. It really pays off.

May the Force be with You

Universal Matty

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