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Vipassana meditation: being objective observer of the world in here and now.

Updated: May 11, 2022





"Vipassana" (according to Sanskrit) is "special, extraordinary" + "to see." Vipassana is an ancient Buddhist meditation practice that comes directly from a dissertation attributed to the Buddha himself. It is a training for the development of awareness and mindfulness. In this meditation, the person focuses his attention on a careful study of various aspects of life, develops awareness, sensitivity, the ability to observe and listen. The student opens himself to experiencing life as it really is, and not as we think it is. He learns to listen to his thoughts without identifying himself with them, without engaging in them, without reacting to them emotionally. Vipassana is a mind training with which we can learn to experience the world through objective observation. It's a process of self-discovery, it's a research we do on ourselves. Note that mindfulness is different than what you might think. Mindfulness is the conscious discernment of thoughts, understanding where they are coming from, and deciding what to do with them. Do you want to change the program? Do you want to change your beliefs? What are you going to do now? What kind of emotional energy are You going to use?

Most people view life through a veil of concepts and beliefs that they, by mistake, take for reality. Man is constantly busy with something, he is always chasing after pleasure and the satisfaction of desires, he runs away from pain and unpleasantness. This is how almost all of our energy is used - to feel better, to hide our fears. Constant search for stability and security. Vipassana meditation is a training to ignore the constant need for comfort and instead immerse yourself in true reality. Peace of mind comes when we stop desperately trying to achieve it. Fulfillment occurs when the burning need to follow pleasure disappears - then life becomes more beautiful. Reality is a whole range of experiences, not only those that we have chosen to call "good" only because they are in line with our expectations!


  • Precise scanning of your own perceptual processes and Your body.

  • Observing the formation of thoughts and sensory experiences with an emotional distance and impartiality.

  • Mental peace (the obsessive nature of thoughts gradually fades away).

  • Living in reality based on observation instead on perception and beliefs.

  • Seeing reality objectively, without sticking to labels and judgments.

  • Cutting yourself off from building your reality on the basis of your beliefs.

  • Feeling full presence in your life and full awareness of here and now.

Vipassana is also a technique that helps us understand ourselves. By practicing this meditation regularly, we will begin to discover and differentiate our own Self. Most people live off their minds - they base their choices on rational reasons based on their own beliefs. They do what they do because they believe it should be done. However, one could go one step further than just thoughts and emotions and discover a new level of existence where we choose the paths of our lives by conscious presence and choosing the right vibration - the right emotion, accompanying thoughts and decisions. Vipassana meditation helps us developing the ability to be the present observer who co-creates his reality with the Spirit, God, quantum field of the Universe, etc. No matter what you believe in, this technique will develop awareness in the present moment - being fully present in the here and now. As the past and the future fade away, the mind becomes calm. When an observer who consciously uses the mind is established, a lot of vital energy is saved. Along with greater awareness and patience comes the state of freedom - we choose which emotion and thought to choose for a given situation. We cease to be reactive and begin to be fully responsible for our participation in reality.

All these transformations are great changes and important experiences that you need to go through on your own to fully understand and feel them. They do not come overnight, but over a period of months and years. They transform life in a beautiful way, bringing mental health and ceasing suffering. Profits from Vipassana meditation take place immediately, but accumulate over the years. The more you meditate, the more you learn about the true nature of your being and the faster you transform. Vipassana meditation opens a person to the miracle of life and frees one from the oppression of the mind. Are you ready?

Live in the Here and Now

Universal Matty

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