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Who are We? What is human being?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Are we humans? What does it mean to be one? Is being human the same as being a physical body? What is our role in the universe?

HUMANS are spiritual, creative beings who expand their consciousness through evolution (during lifetime). Expanding consciousness makes it possible to take new roles - from the role of the experiencer, through the one who observes and finally the one who consciously creates his reality, in accordance with what he loves (higher levels of consciousness).

We should also remember that it is consciousness that evolves, not matter itself. Consciousness evolves and adjust the world around to itself. It is as consciousness evolves that the structure of DNA changes and certain genes become activated. Consciousness is a library of information in which evolution records its course, while awareness creates an observer experience that can influence the course of the evolution of consciousness.

We are not physical beings - we are spiritual beings who have a human experience in this life. We are not a body that has a spirit, but a spirit having a body and using it to develop its immortal, divine essence - the soul.

God is Everything, It is the Absolute, It is the Total of the Spirit Essence that extends from the Extremely High Dimensions of Reality. God is the Total of Conscious Energy of the Absolute. It contains all the information that exists and all the energies that exist. Everything that comes from love comes directly from God. God is like a tree that branches in the dance of eternity and constantly creates new experiences and worlds. God is in each of us and therefore "we are all children of God". That is why in each of us there is a potential to create reality, and man can be perceived as a kind of Creative Being, co-creating the world together with the Spirit (the factor harmonizing lines of life) and God (the Absolute, the Source of all Creative energy). A man can take the role of the Survivor (Actor), Observer (Spectator) or Creator (Director, Screenwriter), but he can only create in harmony with the Spirit.

This Universe is created on the basis of the energy of love and that is why love is the energy of harmony. Everything that deviates from this energy deviates from harmony and produces balancing forces in order to return to the state of Love. An example of a balancing force is the phenomenon of karma, but also all energetic interactions between egregors (more on this). Love is a state of being, not a state of thinking. Love is the state of creating reality. Love and Joy are much closer to universal truths than any other energies we experience in human life. Love is not something you seek, love is something you should emanate. Someday I will write a longer post about love.

Consciousness is not human in itself, but uses human experience to collect information, increase understanding, and updates your soul's libraries. How does it actually do it? Consciousness uses personality for this purpose, which is an element that attracts life situations in which there is a potential for evolution. These are lessons that help you understand yourself, the world, God and find your own place in the Act of Creation.

To make the information above simpler, let me use the following metaphor: As God grows like a tree, He creates new branches full of leaves and flowers. Flowers are galaxies where new life can arise. In such places there are star systems with seeds of life - planets that support the development of new life. It is on them that creative beings grow up and carry out the evolution. One could say that humans are like electrons and protons that come into relationships that provide a common balance to build larger social structures that will eventually become part of the seed of life - the consciousness of Planet Earth. Personal consciousness comes into the world to evolve through human experiences. When it shows up, it buys a car and hires a driver. A car is an avatar - it is a physical body needed for the duration of one life, while the driver is the personality (belief system, ego). Consciousness gives an empty notebook (empty mind) to the driver and instructions related to what it wants to experience in this life, what it wants to achieve - dreams, desires, internal creative needs. Personality gets directions on how to go from point A to point B. The mind fills up with more lessons and conclusions during lifetime, and consciousness rests politely in the passenger seat at this time. This is why 90% of life is based on the subconscious processes, not on consciousness - it just came here to get some information. When the journey comes to an end, consciousness is fully awakened (crossing to the other side), takes the filled notebook (assimilation of lessons from this lifetime), gives back the purchased car to Earth (death of the body), and the personality is dissolved. Consciousness assimilates all understanding and experiences in the soul. It may then return to the cycle of life and death to gain more information.

For sure, this world is an amazing divine creation and we are part of this wonderful project. God invites us to create a world full of love together. When will we accept this invitation? When will we commit ourselves to the creative act? I invite you to build a better future together. Love is our Savior, Love is our goal, Love is what heals the world. Everything has a purpose of love.

With heart full of Love Universal Matty

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