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Image by Smit Patel

Universal Matty

AKA Matthew Emil Victor Skawinski



Collective Consciousness, Planets, Angels, Archangels, Elohims, Higher Dimensional Beings and Guides. 


I have overcome many different addictions, OCD, self-destructive tendencies, sleeping disorder.

I have brought back memories from other incarnations.

I have been working with plant medicines, including: Ayahuasca, Huachuma, Adhoguda (sanskrit: Vidhara),  psilocibin mushrooms.


I AM Starseed of the Cosmic Harmony

I have incarnated on Earth as a Starseed (a being whose consciousness is derived from a soul that has spent many lifetimes in other star system) and my mission is to plant seeds of my consciousness in this world, on planet Earth. I work as "the antenna" - I joyfully channel my soul to help with the process of Evolution of Collective Consciousness on Earth. Evolution occurs through mixing information (consciousness) between different star systems (similar to process of crossing-over in division of the cell). Evolution is part of the Great Cosmic Harmony in which all of us participate and I consciously have chosen to support it.

I AM Lightworker and Ascension Guide

I am here to help other people with the process of spiritual development. My guidance helps others reach the state of Awakening much faster. I guide them on their path of progressive ascension (increase in vibration). However, it is worth mentioning, that Ascension is not a purpose, but the path. Awakening, on the other hand, is the state of being you achieve by practicing Your awareness. I am dedicated to the process of elevation of awareness and expansion of consciousness in self and other selves. I am here to radiate Love and Joy. I surrender my ego to the Divine Order and I follow the path of Light.

I AM Bringer of a New Paradigm

The time for Planetary Ascension has come. For a next couple hundred years planet Earth will have been ascending to a Higher Dimension. This is a completely natural process and it is part of the Cosmic Cycle. I am here to share my wisdom and knowledge, so other people can understand what is actually going on on the level of consciousness, energy, light, matter, etc. We have already moved to the phase of accelerated evolution in the Dawn of a New Reality.

I AM Divine Healer and  Breaker of Negative Patterns

I work with people so they can heal their traumas, release mental and emotional blockages, interferences and much more (check my services). I work with many different modalities, including Divine Healing, Coaching, Astrology and Reiki. I am deeply committed to the process of empowering others, co they could step into the place of their inner power, in which they are able to take responsibility and heal themselves.

I AM AstroCoach of a New Dawn

I mix coaching with astrology, because I truly believe that this ancient, universal science is one of the most important tools nowadays. It can be a powerful compass showing us a way for a better world. It can also support our path with insights, tips and guidance that we need to advance in our spiritual (personal) development. Coaching, on the other hand, is the way of guiding and empowering other people, so they can mature emotionally, mentally and spiritually (all growth is spiritual after all).

I AM Modern Mystic

I am in the constant search for hidden knowledge, ancient teachings and deepest insights. I am in love with spirituality - I am deeply passionate about getting more and more knowledge and wisdom in this beautiful Earth School! It is my destiny to learn as much as possible and teach others what I have been learning on the way. Let me share my knowledge, wisdom and spiritual gifts with You! I am more than eager to.

Very important parts of my journey!

Welcome Earth.

2010 - 2014
Missing home. Where is it?

2015 - 2018
Alternative states of mind.

2019 - 2022
Healing and the purpose.

I came to this world. I was born in a small village in Poland.

I felt homesick all the time, missing something I couldn't understand. I felt like I didn't belong here. My parents got divorced and I was moving house a lot. I had my first Out of Body Experience. I was trying to communicate with another dimensions using drugs. I was dealing with severe depression, addiction and had a few life-threatening situations (that almost led me to death), because of subconscious self-destructive patterns. I felt like it was hard to live and life didn't have a purpose.

I had a few powerful awakenings during which some of my memories from another lifetimes came back. I was reading a lot about astrology, chakras, universal laws, etc. I was working with theta healing, hypnosis, lucid dreaming and OOBE. I was experimenting with alternative states of mind and LSD. I had my first few healing sessions and started to follow teachings of gurus. I started reading about magic, rituals, mysticism, etc. I started studying medicine on Warsaw University following my parents' ambitions, still not knowing what is my true purpose.

Memories from in-between lifetimes came back. I drop out of university following the spirit. I was working with plant medicines: Ayahuasca, Huachuma, Adhoguda, Psilocibin Mushrooms. I was exploring herbs of Ayurveda (Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Bacopa, Passiflora, Gotu Kola, others). I have overcome OCD, all my addictions and 15-years-lasting sleeping disorder. I went through 28h Divine Healing Training and 100h Coaching Training. I started to study Vedic Astrology and Vedas. I found my purpose for this life and I decided to achieve my highest potential.

2023 +
Deeper Evolution and Expansion.

The future is bright and beautiful. Let's build a better world together. Like a one big Planetary Family, in the Oneness of Being and Unity of Consciousness. Let's open Our Hearts and Minds and follow Our passion.

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